About the Sage Lake Association

brendan with fishSage Lake is a 785-acre all sports lake in Ogemaw County, Michigan.  It is located north of M-55, 16 miles east of West Branch and 22 miles west of Tawas City.   The association was organized for the betterment and preservation of Sage Lake. It is devoted to finding solutions to problems and promoting positive activities affecting Sage Lake and the members of the association. It is responsible for maintaining the lake level at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) established levels.

SLA Bylaws – Final Adopted 8-31-2019

Current Officers are:
Patti Rogers, President
Marv Bartal, Vice-President
Sharon Green, Secretary
Mary Ellen Parrott, Treasurer/Membership
Brian Hassell, Trustee
Betsy Miner-Swartz, Trustee
Randy Stump, Trustee

You can contact the SLA board of directors via email at

or via US Mail at

Sage Lake Association
PO Box 474
Hale, MI 48739

map of sage lake



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