Frequently Asked Questions

view of islandQ: Why does the Sage Lake Association exist?
A: As stated in the Sage Lake Association bylaws, the association was organized for the betterment and preservation of Sage Lake. It is devoted to finding solutions to problems and promoting positive activities affecting Sage Lake and the members of the association. It is responsible for maintaining the lake level at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) established levels.

Q: Who can belong?
A:  A member is one who is interested in the welfare/quality of Sage Lake and who pays its dues.

Q: How can I join?
A: There is a membership form on this website (see the Membership Page). One can also get a membership form from a member or an officer. The membership fee is $35 per year.

Q: When are Membership dues due?
A: Membership dues are due in May of each year.

Q: What is the advantage of membership?
A: Members can vote at SLA meetings, serve on committees, run for office, receive spring and fall newsletters, member directory, and email updates.  They know that the dues help to make the Sage Lake community a better place to live and recreate. Some businesses give discounts to SLA members.

Q: Is there an advantage to attending the meetings?
A: Yes, there is a wealth of information shared at meetings.  We come together to meet our neighbors.  We try to keep our meetings to one hour.

Q:  Where and how often are lake association meetings?
A: Sage Lake meetings are usually held at 10:00 a.m. on the last Saturday of May, June, July, and August. See the Membership Page for more details on meeting dates and locations.

Q: When are elections of officers?
A: Elections take place at the August meeting.  The officers are elected to a 3-year term.  The last election was August 2022.

Q: If I can not attend the August meeting, can I still vote for the candidates running for SLA Office?
A: The most recent bylaws were adopted in 2019 and spell out the process for a member to vote absentee.  You must be a member to vote and run for office.  Potential officers must make their candidacy known by the last Saturday in July of an election year.  If any office is contested, absentee ballots will be mailed.  They must be completed and returned by the Wednesday prior to the August meeting date.

Q: How can I help the SLA?
A: You can join the association, if you do not belong. You can volunteer for a committee or help with a project. You can also seek office.  We offer many opportunities for volunteers to help out at our activities and events.

Q:  What kind of fish are in the lake?
A: Bass, pike, crappie, blue gill, perch, catfish and dogfish.  The SLA planted 1,000, 8″ to 10″ walleye in the lake in the fall of 2005.  This was an attempt to give walleye a start in Sage Lake. The SLA planted 1000 lbs of Fathead minnows and 2,000 Hybrid Bluegill October 13, 2020. There will be more plantings in the future.

Q: What is Kids’ Fun Day?
A: Kids’ Fun Day is an event that has been held by the SLA for many years. It is held in late June or early July at Cruisin’s.  It is for kids, all are welcome.  There are special games set up, lawn game like sack-races, and other fun activities for the kids.

Q: What are the watercraft rules for the lake?
A: A complete set of boating safety rules are posted at the landing and on the Boating Safety page of this web site.

Q: When are the boating safety classes?
A: There is always at least one boating safety class scheduled each summer.  Class runs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  See Activities page for latest date and location information. Please contact us to let us know of persons who wish to attend so the correct number of materials can be on hand for the students.  The Ogemaw County Sheriff provides the instructors and materials for these classes.  The class is required for all young boaters and is recommended for all new boaters.

Q:  Where does weed control stand?
A: Sage Lake is treated for weeds approximately four times a year.  Each time a treatment is to take place, all residents on the lake are notified by a card notice set out on their property.  SLA members are also notified via email of upcoming treatments.  For more details on Sage Lake weed control, see the Lake Maintenance page and/or attend SLA meetings.

Q:  Why is the SLA raising funds?  Aren’t the membership dues enough to fund its member needs?
A: The membership dues provide the funds for the administrative needs of the organization.  It needs funds for the mailings, informational materials, the website maintenance, insurance and administrative expenses.  In order to have the fireworks, Fun Day and other social events, and fish stocking, we need to do fundraising as well.  We also have a Neighborhood Watch program and the funding for that program comes from donations and dues.

Q:  What about fireworks?
A: The SLA plans for fireworks on a Saturday close to the 4th of July each year. They take place at 10:15 p.m.  The fireworks are done by a professional firm that is licensed and has liability insurance. Many thanks to Betsy and Robin Miner-Swartz for organizing the annual Firecracker 5K which supports the fireworks display.  And thanks to Andria Auker-Tykocki, who allows us to use her land for the fireworks set-up.

Q:  What does SLA do for fun?
A:  The SLA has done a lot of planning for each summer.  Typical events include a pontoon boat parade, Kids’ Fun Day and fishing tournaments, annual 5k walk/run, annual Fire & Ice Chili Party, SLA Member Meet & Greet, and an area-wide garage sale.  Other events can be added from time to time and are noted on our website and in our newsletters.  The SLA officers and members are open to all suggestions.

Q:  How do I find out when events are being held?
A:  Calendar of Events is in each newsletter and posted on the Web site under the Activities page.  In addition,  SLA has large commercial signs at both ends of the lake displaying upcoming events.  We also post activities on Facebook in Friends of Sage Lake group.


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