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New Message from Savin Lake Services:
     Since the last meeting we have done two treatments on the lake. One on June 25th that treatment was 45 acres of the lake for algae, residual Milfoil, and nuisance Natives.  The second one was on July 11th that was a 5-acre test plot for Wild Celery. The June 25th treatment cost was $15,075.00 and the July 11th treatment cost was $3,750.00. That brings the total lake management cost so far this year to $68,587.50.
     I was on the lake today (7-26-19) to look at the test plot. It showed signs of being stressed parts of the plant were brown in some areas, they appeared to be slightly laid over but not down yet. I plan to return next week and look at it again.
     We Plan to treat the lake again next Tuesday July 30th, this will mainly be an algae treatment and spot treating some area with herbicides. Overall in my opinion the lake looks great!  The Wild Celery is present in all the normal areas and ranges from about 1-4 ft off the bottom right now. We anticipate the harvesting to begin sometime between August 7th and August 12th. We will complete shoreline clean up after the harvesting is done. We plan to cut 100- acres of the lake and complete 100-man hours of shoreline clean up. We will also be doing one more touch up treatment towards the end of August tentatively August 20th.
     If you have any questions, comments, or require any additional information, please feel free to contact me.
     Thanks, Paul Barber

sage lake sandResponsibilities of the Lake Maintenance Committee:

Dam Function: The dam committee maintains the lake level by raising and lowering the dam board. This is done in agreement with the Michigan DNR.  

Weed Control Committee: The weed committee provides information on invasive nuisance weeds. As the lake condition continues to degrade, the weed committee will initiate corrective action. If you have a question or concern about invasive weeds or treatments, contact your zone rep in your area (please use the chart below to help refer to your location). Below is listed the zone reps and the zones they are responsible for.


2019 Sage Lake report 6-19-19  Sage Lake Milfoil Treatment Map 6-4-19 

Sage Lake 2018 Water Quality Report

Milfoil Information

2018 Risk Versus Benefit Information


Wild Celery_ Minnesota DNR

Zone Reps


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