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2020 Lake Management Plan from Savin Lake Services

In 2020, Savin Lake Services, Lake Management Company, will discontinue use of copper sulfate on Sage Lake, and move towards utilization of a chelated copper product which would be perceived to be more environmentally friendly from a DNR Fisheries perspective.  The chelated copper algaecide is a bit more expensive that treating with copper sulfate, but we want to support the recommendations of Addie Dutton if it makes sense.  We will (and always have) minimized the use of Hydrothol 191 to only where it makes sense.

If you have any questions associated with the plan for 2020 please contact Savin Lake Services directly and copy your correspondence to

2020 Sage Lake Management Plan, and approximate associated costs.

Permit and Water quality testing $ 2,925.00

Late May/Early June

Treat 90 acres of Milfoil systemically with 2,4-D $46,575.00
Treat Milfoil with contact herbicides (approximately 180 acres) $27,000.00
Complete algae spray (approximately 200 acres) $ 7,000.00
Treatment cost $80,575.00 – Treatment completed on June 9 and June 16, 2020.

Late June

Residual Milfoil and nuisance natives (approximately 30 acres) w/Diquat $ 4,500.00
Nuisance Native Pondweeds (approximately 30 acres) w/ Endothall $ 4,500.00
Algae Control (approximately 50 acres) $ 1,750.00
Starry Stonewort (approximately 10 acres) $ 1,900.00
Treatment cost $ 12,650.00

Late July

Algae treatment (approximately 50 acres) $ 1,750.00
Starry Stonewort (approximately 10 acres) $ 1,900.00
Treatment cost $ 3,650.00


65 acres of Harvesting $ 19,500.00

Late August

100 man hours of shoreline clean up $ 4,000.00
Starry Stonewort (approximately 10 acres) $ 1,900.00
Algae treatment in canals (approximately 15 acres) $ 525.00
Treatment cost $ 6,425.00

Total 2020 Lake Management Cost $125,725.00

Responsibilities of the Lake Maintenance Committee:

Dam Function: The dam committee maintains the lake level by raising and lowering the dam board. This is done in agreement with the Michigan DNR.  

Weed Control Committee: The Weed Control Committee is a group of residents on Sage Lake who work with the weed treatment provider and Sage Lake Board of Directors to reduce the nuisance weeds. Each member has been assigned a zone or area of the lake. If you have a question or concern about the weeds in your area, contact the Zone Rep from your zone. The table list the Committee members and their assigned zones.

The funding for weed control comes from tax payers in a special tax assessment district and is collected by Hill Township. The assessment is on each tax bill for an area around the lake. The area is called Sage Lake Assessment District (SAD).

DNR Sage_Lake Survey_2019

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Sage Lake Milfoil Treatment Map 6-4-19 

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