Lake Maintenance

sage lake sandResponsibilities of the Lake Maintenance Committee:

Dam Function: The dam committee maintains the lake level by raising and lowering the dam board. This is done in agreement with the Michigan DNR.  The dam committee members are John Boles, Colin Olender and Jim Demmith.

Weed Control Committee: The weed committee provides information on invasive nuisance weeds. As the lake condition continues to degrade, the weed committee will initiate corrective action. If you have a question or concern about invasive weeds or treatments, contact your zone rep in your area (please use the chart below to help refer to your location). Zone Reps will report feedback to Jim Demmith who will discuss with Savin Lake Services on how best to correct your concerns.  Below is listed the zone reps and the zones they are responsible for. If you would like to become a zone rep, please contact Jim Demmith at (989) 473-2644.  Zone Reps


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