Minutes from the Last Meeting

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Sage Lake Association Meeting
Sage Lake, Michigan

Hill Township Hall

Board members present: President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marvin Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Interim Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Ron Carpenter, Trustee
Betsy Miner-Swartz & Trustee Randy Stump

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on August 31, 2019 at
10:02 am; 47 people in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from 7-27-2019 were sent by email or posted on website.
Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from Betsey Hubbard, 2nd by Dan Clark.
Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Secretary Mary Ellen Parrott gave the treasurers report.  The
Treasury report as of 8-30-19 was $6054.21 Fish Fund, $2,136.67 Neighborhood Watch,
$989.94 Fireworks Fund, $30,249.47 General Fund (of which $20,000 of the money
market fund belongs to the fireworks), $59,430.30 Total. A motion was made by Doug
Meyers to accept the report, 2nd by Dick Gawne. Motion passed. Mary Ellen also
reported that we have 202 members to date and a new person signed up today for total
· By-laws – Avery handed out the new by-laws to all and said the by-law changes
were made and we need to vote on them, we need 2/3 vote of present members for
adoption of amendments. Motion was made by Betsey Hubbard to accept the
changes and 2nd by Bill Drangin. A vote was done and passed. There was one
person opposed.
· Election of 2019 – Bill Drangin reported. Patti said the officers that went
unopposed and that we had 4 people vying for 3 positions for Trustee, they were
Betsy Miner-Swartz, Ron Carpenter, Randy Stump and Brian Hassell. We had to
vote so Bill handed out the ballots and people voted. While we continued the
meeting Bill and one other person counted the ballots. He reported the results and
Dan Clark made a motion to accept with Debbie Holloway 2nd . None opposed.
The new board is as follows:

  • President, Patti Rogers
    Vice President, Marvin Bartal
    Treasurer, Mary Ellen Parrott
    Secretary, Sharon Green
    Trustee, Betsy Miner-Swartz
    Trustee, Randy Stump
    Trustee, Brian Hassell

Reports from Committees:
· Sage Lake Gear – Betsy reported that we are still selling gear and every time
they go to Crusin’s they get $200 more in sales. Shirts going fast so if you still
want one get in touch. There will be a survey for new gear and equipment for next
year so be on the watch. Quilt winner was Karen Smith and Amy Jalics has
offered to make another quilt for next year’s raffle and it will look a little
different. The quilt raffle netted $2000.00.
· Sage Lake Community garage sale was August 3 – Big participation of buyers
and sellers. Many folks thanked us for having the porti potty available. There
was about 20-25 sales that were on the map and many others also.
· Neighborhood Watch – Tom Unangst was not here to report.
· Lake Maintenance – Maintenance reports are put on the website for your review.
We were unable to apply for the grant for invasive species. The grant writer was
unable to do it. We will work towards getting a grant written for next year.
· Wildlife – Beth Stump reported there were no chicks for the loons this year; she
talked to a few other people and they feel the buoys are more problematic for the
loons than help. She got some information about an artificial nesting island and
she will try to get Randy to make one as it needs to be put out as soon as the ice is
off. She asked for help with that and Pat Clark stepped up and said she could
probably help with putting the artificial nesting island out. The question about the
goose roundup created much talk. She said we would have to hire a company and
get 70% of land owners to agree to the roundup. Patti asked if we could do online
or mail out a petition to SAD and Jayne Dodge said she had a list of lakefront and
back lot owners as it would have to be 70% of those people. Beth questioned, is it
really an issue? Some suggestions were made from the audience, Jim Masterson
said why wouldn’t we send out the cards or online now and tell them it is a 5 year
plan since we would have to have 70% but not going to do it right now but then
when it became an issue we would be ready. Tom Green also suggested we put
on that card/online at the same time, why are people not becoming members?
Dan Clark agreed with what Jim Masterson said about getting ready and we
would have 5 years to decide on the roundup then. Much discussion was had but
no real answer came out at this time. Per Jim Masterson suggestion, Patti sent
out the Goose Petition for signatures to the entire Sage Lake Assessment District
and stated the signatures would be held for 5 years. Per Tom Green’s suggestion,
in the same mailing, a Sage Lake Association Membership form was sent to
encourage joining the association.
· Volunteer Appreciation Party – It was held on August 24. We had about 30
people attend. An invitation was sent out using our new membership software.
Did anyone not get the email? All said they did. Refreshments were provided.
· Fish stocking – Brian Hassell reported. The person from the DNR who was
working on the reports for us (Katherine) is retiring in November so he will be
working with a new person after that. We should have the surveys done by March
2020. Brian went over the differences in fish between 2007 vs 2019. Patti will
post that on website. Tom Green asked do they look at just numbers or size of
fish too and Brian said both. Art Duyck asked if the DNR will stock our lake and

Brian responded only after the survey is done and it has to be on their
recommendation so not sure of that. Jim Masterson asked if DNR will make
recommendations as to what homeowners can do to help and Brian said unsure
until the DNR comes back with report.

New Business
· Mary Ellen Parrott made a motion that the ballots be destroyed and 2nd by Dick
Gawne. Some discussion was had around that issue. Motion passed, all in favor.
· Beth Stump read thank you notes from our scholarship recipients.
· The Boat Parade Theme for next year was announced so people could take the
winter and make some plans. The theme for 2020 is Super Heroes.
· Mary Kraatz made a recommendation to the board that if special meetings are
called that it should be put out to all by mail or email vs just social media since
not everyone is on that. Patti said duly noted.
· 50/50 raffle drawing was done and Jack Templin won $56. Bill Parrott won a t-
shirt and Jack Lemmon won a sweatshirt.
· Jim Masterson asked if there was a noise ordinance on the lake, is there anything
that can be done? Much discussion was made about it and it was thought that a
county ordinance would need to be in place but Patti will check into it and get
back with information. Patti checked with Ogemaw County and Hill Township.
There is not a noise ordinance. However Rob Reid, Hill Township Supervisor
said if after 11 p.m. it could be considered a Disturbing the Peace Violation and
the Sheriff’s Department will respond to those calls.

Meeting adjourned: 11:27 am motion made by Robin Miner-Swartz and 2nd by
Mary Kraatz.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Green



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