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Sage Lake Association Meeting
Sage Lake, Michigan

Zoom Video Conference

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marvin Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Brian Hassell, Trustee Betsy Miner-Swartz & Trustee Randy Stump

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on August 29, 2020 at 10:01 am; 40 people in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from July 25, 2020 were sent by email and posted on website.  Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from Mary Ellen Parrott, 2nd by Brian Hassell.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott gave the treasurer’s report.  The treasurer’s report as of 8-29-20 was $10,610.78 Fish Fund, $3,195.27 in 5K, $1,410.00 in Weed Control, $17060.84 in checking and $174.73 in savings, $3,423.25 Neighborhood Watch, $354.06 Fireworks Fund, $42,203.32 General Fund (of which $23,000 of the money market fund belongs to the fireworks), $78,432.25 Total.  A motion was made by Patti Rogers to accept the report, 2nd by Mary Krampe.  Motion passed.  Mary Ellen also reported that we have 203 members to date.

Reports from Committees:

  • Fishing Tournament – It was a great day for Sage Lake Fishing Tournament!  The tournament had 38 participants. Winners were posted on Facebook.
  • Virtual 5K and Gear Sales – $2200 in registration with around 150 people who supported it. We donated half of the funds to Hale Area FISH.  It helps local families with food, utility bills and essential needs.  Dennis who runs FISH was incredibly grateful to Sage Lake Association when it was given to them by Patti Rogers and Betsy Miner-Swartz.  The article in Sage Lake Association news will be added to different publications about the donation to FISH.  Gears sales are very robust this year.   Thank you to Frank and Patti Rogers for helping so much and the use of their barn for sales.
  • Sage Lake Boat Parade – Boat parade theme for 2021 is Board Games. Some changes were made in the rules so please take note.  For example, no water balloons and each boat is expected to display their number!
  • Firework Show – Patti Rogers signed a 3 year contract for the same show as this year. The cost increased as it is almost $1000 higher.  The cost will be $9,752.04 for years 2021, 2022, and 2023.
  • Neighborhood Watch – We are looking for a new captain or chair for NW. If you are interested, please contact Patti Rogers.  Patti contacted the Sheriff’s department about background checks as we have people interested in joining NW.
  • Lake Maintenance Weed Committee met by Zoom. It was agreed to get a consultant to help determine what is best for the lake.  Patti asked the Township Supervisor, Rob Reid, if consultant could be used during this assessment period to guide us toward lake improvement and monitor Savin.  The answer was no, we need to wait for the next assessment contract and include in the petition.  The Weed Committee is interviewing a few consultants to give us direction about a good balance between fish, recreation, water quality and beach fronts.  The cost of most consultants will run around $6000-$10000.  Debbie Stewart asked what the average person can do to help with weed control and Patti said she will come up with something and put it on Facebook pages, website and newsletter.  Avery Sinkoff said he would get info about septic systems and try to get it up on the website and such too.
  • Wildlife – Beth Stump reported. Not much to add.  The juvenile loons are doing well and getting around.  She said she is getting good reports from everyone.

Fishing Committee – Chris Lyttle reported on fish stocking.

Fishing Team Activities:

  1. So far this year:
    1. With the help of Patti Rogers and by suggestion of the DNR, successfully changed the chemicals used in the lake for algae treatment from Copper Sulfate (detrimental to aquatic life, specifically fish during the reproduction cycle) to Chelated Copper which is much safer and approved by the DNR as a safer method of algae treatment.
    2. Started researching and discussing the options of habitat restoration. This is needed to aid in supporting a healthy fishery due to the reduction of the natural habitat formed by the weed growth.
      1. DNR suggestions include adding natural material habitat to the lake versus plastic materials.
      2. This will continue through the winter time as habitat restoration is much easier through the Ice.
    3. Stocking Plan, to help with the reduction of the predator / prey imbalance we are requesting to the SLA board to release funds for stocking the lake in the fall of 2020 and the spring of 2021. – 2000 Hybrid bluegill and 1000 lbs of fathead minnows.
      1. Bluegill will help to create an immediate fishery and show that the fishing team is working on changes and hopefully increase lake participation and financial support for future SLA Fish Team activities.
      2. Future stocking plans will need to be developed with the assistance of a third-party consultant. Suggestion is to combine the SLA Lake Health Team consultant with the Fishing team consultant as those are very much connected.
      3. Rough fish fishing tournament, this was developed because of the DNR noted predator prey imbalance specifically in regards to the high numbers of rough fish in the lake.
      4. Details of this plan presented by Chris Hoelscher. (Attachment to minutes.)
  2. Stocking plan details were provided. (reasons for starting now)
    1. Lake stocking will take many years to show significant results. Stocking now is starting the process and as we continue to reduce the rough fish in the lake and continue to stock the lake, the overall fishery will become more stable over time.
    2. Fathead minnows needed for creating a better balance of predators / prey through the winter to aid in the growth rates of the current population of adolescent bluegill / bass / crappie and other game fish.
    3. Larger size bluegill will be added to the lake with the idea to help with genetics of the current population and allow the fish time to find a home area prior to the spring fish reproduction cycle. Additionally this will allow the fish to grow up through the winter providing a greater likelihood of a successful spring catch rate.
    4. Many of the hybrid bluegill (half bluegill half sunfish) will be male that are stocked, a common misconception is that hybrid bluegill do not reproduce, this of course is not accurate, but there will be statistically more male fish in the fish stocked.

A suggestion was made by Chris Lyttle to get the two groups together (Weed Committee and Fish Committee) to talk about the consultants.

New Business

  • Debbie Stewart had a question. She wanted to know if there is anything we can do about boats parking in the middle of the lake to swim instead of closer to the land so that boats who are trying to ski and such wouldn’t have to go around them.  It was mentioned that it is not the job of the SLA to police the lake as we have no control on that part of it.  Contact Sheriff’s department with those issues.
  • Our By-laws say each meeting must be the last Saturday of the month, however, next year (2021) we have Kid’s Fun Day which is being planned for June 26th (the last Saturday of the month). Patti Rogers made a motion to change the meeting date to June 19, 2021.  Marv Bartal seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Information on the Dam – Stylus Lake Association VP and Dam Operator requested a meeting with Patti Rogers and our Dam Operator, Colin Oleander. We had the meeting and they wanted to know how our lake level was controlled.  Colin gave his explanation of what he does.  In the spring he puts the board down and in the fall he raises the board.  Some Stylus Lake Association members said their lake was too low right now and too high in the spring.  VP Tim Jones plans to give the information he gained from the meeting to his members at their Labor Day meeting.
  • Mary Ellen Parrott said the state filing for the nonprofit has been filed.

Meeting adjourned:   11:30 am motion made by Marv Bartal and 2nd by Patti Rogers.

Respectfully submitted Sharon Green

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