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Sage Lake Association Meeting
Sage Lake, Michigan
Zoom Video Conference

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marvin Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Brian Hassell, Trustee Betsy Miner-Swartz & Trustee Randy Stump

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on July 25, 2020 at 10:00 am; 18 people in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from June 20, 2020 were sent by email and posted on website.  Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from MaryEllen Parrott, 2nd by Marv Bartal.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott gave the treasurer’s report.  The treasurer’s report as of 7-23-20 was $7,784.04 Fish Fund, $3,066.97 in 5K, $1385.00 in Weed Control, $13,736.55 in checking and $174.73 in savings, $3,372.50 Neighborhood Watch, $353.60 Fireworks Fund, $42,183.23 General Fund (of which $23,000 of the money market fund belongs to the fireworks), $72,056.62 Total.  There is also $665+ in cash account for scholarship.  A motion was made by Dan Clark to accept the report, 2nd by Karen Zbiciak.  Motion passed.  Mary Ellen also reported that we have 192 members to date.

Reports from Committees:

  • Scholarship Committee – This year’s recipients of the SLA Scholarship of $500 each, are Connor Ready and Brady Zettle. Connor Ready attended Hale High School and plans to attend Alpena Community College to earn an associate’s degree in concrete technology.  Brady Zettle attended Ogemaw Heights High School and plans to attend Michigan State University in the electrical technology program.  There were 8 applicants, 2 from Hale High School and 6 from Ogemaw Heights High School.  Checks have been mailed to the schools.
  • Virtual 5K Race – The virtual 5K netted out $2,355.36 and 100 people registered. Half of those funds will be hand delivered by Betsy and Robin to the Hale Area Fish Program which supports local people in our area.  Betsy said thanks to all Sage Lakers.  SAGE LAKE STRONG!  The gear is off the charts for sales, we went through the first order very quickly and ordered another set of gear.  Selling at different times at 683 Second Ave., please watch the FB page and website for dates and times.  Quilt raffle will be going on again this year with a new quilt made by Amy Jalics.  The drawing for the quilt will be on Labor Day Weekend and so far we have raised $1600 plus in that raffle.  Those funds will be going to the Sage Lake Fish Fund to enhance fishing at Sage Lake.
  • Fishing Tournament – It was a great day for Sage Lake Fishing Tournament!  The tournament had 38 participants. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and THANK YOU to all the great participants.  And the winners are:

First place Bass winner is Matt Howard- 3.64 lbs

Second place Bass winner is Kyle Frick- 3.4 lbs

First place Pan fish winner is Ron Brooks 0.97 lbs Rock bass

Second place Pan fish winner is Ethan Kratz 0.80 lbs. Bluegill

First place Pike winner is Art Gomery 3.96 lbs

Second place Pike winner is Brad Beyer 1.8 lbs.

  • Sage Lake Boat Parade – We had 16 registrants and one who registered after the 5:30 cutoff. We had great participation in both the decorating and the voting (over 300 people voted).  In addition to the prize money this year, gear and trophies were offered to top three.  Thank you to St. Helen Power Sports for donating the trophies.  The Loon Rangers won the competition!  There are a few rules that will need to be enforced next year:  the parade starts and ends at the boat launch, the numbers on the boats need to be obvious so that voters can see the number they want to vote for and nothing except water is to be thrown out of the boats.  There is to be NO water balloons or items thrown from the boats please!
  • Firework Show – The fireworks show held on July 4th  were once again wonderful and we had a real nice turnout the following morning for cleanup.  Thanks to all who helped!  Patti Rogers is working with the firework company to sign a new 3 year contract as ours was up this year.
  • Neighborhood Watch – An update was emailed from Tom Unangst as of 7-24-20. The following is the update:

In the beginning of June this year we added three new road patrollers to our ranks.  They are Ron Kraatz, Richard Steele and Dan Clark.  If you have seen the golf cart out on patrol then you have seen one or all of these guys. I encourage you all that if you see anyone of us out on patrol stop us and lets us know who you are and where you live cause it makes it easier on all of us when we know who lives where and what to expect to see around your place.  One of the things we look for is something out of place, some car or trailer that was not there before so if you have time let us get to know you.

 With the addition of some new members we have had to buy some new   equipment to outfit the new members and replace some things that have worn out   for some of the other members.  So we have bought hats, t-shirts, safety vests. Hazard lights and magnetic signs. It is really important for our members to wear their NW clothing ; hats, vests, t-shirts, and to drive their car with the magnetic sign on them to where ever they go in the area around us to ensure that the word gets out that we have a neighborhood watch that is active. We are lucky that we only have a few members who forget to do this.

Activity around the lake has been pretty quiet.  I haven’t had any reports of theft or damage to property.  The only reports that the Sheriff and State Police have given me have been about loud music and neighbors with issues with each other.  So far it has been a quiet summer.  Please don’t forget to take the keys out of your car. Last year that was the biggest problem we had.

  • Lake Maintenance Paul Barber from Savin sent out an email to all about a tentative 2020 treatment schedule. Weed Committee sent out a report about Eurasian Milfoil so that we can educate ourselves on the different types of weeds.  Eric McGregor who is on both the weed and fish committees spoke a little about what the committee was doing to get back to a good ecosystem for fishing and boating.    There was much discussion about what is causing a lot of these problems, for example fertilizing lawns and septic systems that are not being properly maintained.  The Sage Lake Association would like you all to please consider NOT fertilizing your lawns, to help the Weed Committee for the lakes management. 
  • Wildlife – Beth Stump was not available to report.
  • Fishing Committee – Betsy Miner-Swartz reported the fishing committee had a meeting this week. There are 8-10 members who are very passionate about fishing.  We need to start by putting a band aid on as we have too many predator fish in the lake.  Dan from Harrietta Hills was very well versed and well connected with the DNR attended the meeting.  They work with Lake Ogemaw and it is a very good fishing lake.  They would like to stock the lake with fish in the fall and spring.  Two different types of fish, one the fat head minnow is a good food source for the bigger fish and that would help so they don’t eat all the pan fish in the lake.  Also to jump start the blue gill population we would stock hybrid blue gill (mostly male), they are about 5-7- inches long and it would help with current fishing (value added and increase fish caught).  Chris Lyttle has put about 20 hours of research to present the best place to purchase them with multiple quotes and lots of info from difference sources.  A motion was made by Pat Clark to leave the spending of the general funds up to the board and it was seconded by Debbie Stewart.  Motion passed.  A motion was made by Betsy Miner-Swartz to take the funds from Sage Lake Gear sales in 2021 and have it be directed to Fish Fund.  This was seconded by Patti Rogers.  Motion passed.

New Business

  • Audit – Avery Sinkoff volunteered to do our annual audit. He will get in touch with Mary Ellen.
  • Patti Rogers asked for help with the online membership. Sharon Green offered to step up and see if she could get something set up like that.
  • Betsy Miner-Swartz requested that we set up a Sage Lake PayPal account as a lot of funds are coming in with the gear and then no one is carrying around funds. Sharon Green offered to see if she could get one set up.
  • Sage Lake Association has added internet to the barn @ 683 Second. This was used for digital payments.  If SLA members want to use for Zoom meetings or any other purpose, please let Patti Rogers know.  The internet will be placed on seasonal (turned off) during the fall and winter months.

Meeting adjourned:   11:28 am motion made by Marv Bartal and 2nd by Patti Rogers.

Respectfully submitted Sharon Green


June 2020 meeting minutes

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