Meeting Minutes

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Sage Lake Association Meeting

Sage Lake, Michigan


In Person and Zoom Video Conference

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Brian Hassell, Trustee Betsy Miner-Swartz.  Trustee Randy Stump.

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on August 28, 2021 at 10:00 am; 22 people in attendance and 5 on Zoom.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from July 31, 2021 were sent by email and posted on website.  Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from Debbie Holloway, 2nd by Bill Drangin.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott reported.  The treasurer’s report as of 8-28-21 was $5,316.80 Fish Fund, $4,020.02 Neighborhood Watch, $29,299.27 Fireworks Fund, $43,910.77 General Fund,  $82,546.86 Total. Mary Ellen reported that we have 257 members to date.  There were a lot of donations being made to the fish fund and neighborhood watch. Thank you to all for contributing.  A motion was made to accept treasurer’s report by Beth Stump and 2nd by Frank Rogers.  Motion passed.

The Raffle Ticket drawing was done at the beginning since the first person got to pick which item he/she wanted, so the winners are:  Joy Kennedy (Quilt) and Ken Ehlen (Airplane ride).


Reports from Committees:

  • Scholarship – We received a thank you from one of our recipients, Claudia Cadwell who will be using it for Saginaw Valley for her nursing program.
  • Rough Fish Tournament – nothing to report.
  • Fish Stocking – Chris Lyttle was not here to report so Brian Hassell just included a couple of things. Work with the DNR continues for fish habitats and we will be stocking the lake this fall again with bluegills.  A comment was made by Debbie Stewart who said keep up the good work to that committee.
  • Kid’s Fun Day – No report.
  • Sage Lake Gear and Raffle – Betsy Miner –Swartz reported that we made just under $2600 for the quilt/airplane ride raffle. The monies for that will go into the general fund.  She said sales of gear are winding down with Crusins closing Labor Day Weekend but a big shout out to Crusins for allowing us to put our gear in there.  Gear sales will be put into the Fish Fund.
  • Sage Lake Boat Parade – 228 votes were cast so the theme for 2022 is Decades. The top vote-getters were 1.  Decades, 2.  Movies, 3.  Children’s books, 4. No theme, 5. Tie with Rock & Roll & Cartoons.  The parade will be on Saturday, July 2, 2022.  Start planning now!
  • Annual Fishing Tournament – nothing to report.
  • Sage Lake Community Garage Sale – It was held on August 7th with 21 sales on the official map. A suggestion was made by Mary Kraatz to be more specific on the map with a little more detail as to where the homes are.  Betsy said she would take this up with Robin who does those maps for us.
  • Neighborhood Watch – nothing to report.
  • Lake Maintenance – Brian Hassell reported. This is PLM’s first year with us and it was looking very successful until the celery weed came out.  The Eurasian Milfoil has been contained real well.  The celery weed is a native plant and the DNR & EGLE don’t want us to do anything with that.  Currently they have been working on the Eurasian Milfoil and the Starry Stonewort.  Monday and/or Tuesday of next week the harvesters will be on the lake to pick up the floating islands of celery weed.  They will NOT be cutting the weed.  They are not allowed to kill the celery weed but they can stunt the growth of it so that is what they are working on.  Debbie Stewart asked two questions, one was about the metal stake that they put on our properties, is there a way to recycle those.  Randy Stump was going to ask the township about leaving a spot for us to recycle and then PLM would pick them up since they are expensive.  The second question she asked is was there a way to have the Sage Lake Association pay some funds for PLM or lake maintenance people to bring the harvesters out more often.  Patti said she would put that on the agenda for next year.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Party – The party was held at Roger’s home. Smaller crowd in attendance but about 20 people attended the event.  Food was good and it was nice to socialize with all the volunteers.
  • Group Buy In’s – Forwards has announced a propane discount to SLA members. A lock-in price of $1.749 per gallon through March 31, 2022.  This offer is available through October 15, 2021.  If new customer, 1st fill of propane is $1.649 per gallon.  If you are on automatic or a renewing member, Debbie Stewart called and was told she didn’t need to call.
  • Meet & Greet – 4-6 pm this evening @ Colleen Duffy and Kurt Schottenheimer. 3865 Maple Rd., Lupton.  Down from Kenyon’s before you cross over the bridge for the dam.  Bring a drink to share and/or appetizer.
  • Goose Round Up – no report.
  • Dam – no report.
  • SAD Petition – SAD (Special Assessment District). We are waiting for Hill Township to have the petition approved by their legal department and waiting for estimated annual cost from PLM.  In addition, we need annual costs from lake manager, (RLS) Restorative Lake Sciences).  Once we have these, we will mail the petition.  We will need 58% of the people to sign that petition.


New Business

  • Sage Lake Association Membership Directories were mailed to all members.  Let    us know if you did not receive one.  Ad revenue collected in 2021 was just under $4000.  This revenue pays for the majority of the cost for the two newsletters and directory each year.  If you know of someone who would like to advertise in our publications, please contact  Please use these vendors since they are advertising with us.

50/50 Raffle winner is Frank Rogers who won $34.00 Congrats to him!

Meeting adjourned:   10:40 am

Respectfully submitted Sharon Green

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