Meeting Minutes

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Sage Lake Association Meeting
Sage Lake, Michigan
Zoom Video Conference

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marvin Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Brian Hassell, Trustee Betsy Miner-Swartz & Trustee Randy Stump

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on June 20, 2020 at 10:00 am; 16 people logged into the video conference.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from 5-30-2020 were sent by email and posted on website.  There was no discussion. A motion was made to accept from MaryEllen Parrott, 2nd by Marv Bartal.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott gave the treasurer’s report.  The Treasurer’s report as of 6-17-20 was $1810.82 in 5k, $7,474.04 in Fish Fund, $3,087.50 Neighborhood Watch, $1,290.00 in Weed Control, $32,039.16 Fireworks Fund, $19,162.35 General Fund Money Market, $5,080.71 in Checking, $174.73 in Savings and $500.00 in Scholarship fund.  The total of SLA funds is $70,619.31.  A motion was made by Betsy Miner-Swartz to accept the report, 2nd by Randy Stump.  Motion passed.  Mary Ellen also reported that we have 155 members to date.

Reports from Committees:

  • Scholarship Committee – 7 applicants, 1 from Hale High School and 6 from Ogemaw Heights High School. July 1st is the deadline for applying.  The committee will decide after that.
  • Virtual 5K Race – 99 registrants so far with almost $2,100 made. Deadline for registration and have packet mailed was June 19th but folks are still able to register up to July 3rd.  Packet with bibs will be mailed to those who registered by June 19.  Folks registering after June 19, can pick up their bib and packet on July 3rd  at Roger’s Pole Barn  at 683 2nd New gear should be in by July 3rd.  Quilt raffle will be going on again this year with a new quilt made by Amy Jalics.  Ticket prices to follow.  There was a motion made by Betsy Miner-Swartz to use the quilt raffle funds for the Sage Lake Fish Fund and it was 2nd by Brian Hassell.  Motion carried.
  • Fishing Tournament – Ron Carpenter reported that there will be a fishing tournament on Saturday July 25th. There will be prizes for 1st and 2nd place by weight of $50 for 1st and $25 for 2nd in 4 different categories:   pike, bass, walleye and pan fish.  He is getting a flyer ready to put on the website.  $10 entry fee.
  • Sage Lake Boat Parade – July 4th @ 7 pm @ DNR boat launch. The theme is Superheroes.  The participating boats will be judged and prize money will be awarded to the best three decorated boats.  1st place $100, 2nd place $75 and 3rd place $50.  Registration is free.  Sign-up at  It was requested by Chris Lyttle that we have a trophy along with prize money for bragging rights.  Chris Lyttle’s mom will get a trophy for 1st place and ribbons for 2nd & 3rd  and SLA will reimburse her.
  • Firework Show – It will be held on July 4th @ 10:15 pm. Cleanup will be Sunday July 5th @ 10:00 am @ Auker’s.  Bring mask, rake and garbage bags.  Suggestion was made for Bill Parrott to not be at the cleanup this year so Patti will look for another volunteer to head up this task.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Nothing to report. Tom Unangst will have a full report at the next meeting.
  • Lake Maintenance – Patti put the 2020 Lake treatment plan on website. SLA asked Savin to not use copper products until after June 20 per DNR recommendations.  Savin changed the copper product to chelated copper which the DNR agreed is better than copper sulfate.  It was a good decision on our part to ask Savin to hold off.  Email Savin directly if you have any issues @  Much discussion about the township and how they are handling the situation was had with quite a few questions from the crowd.  We were told by the township that the decisions were to be made by Savin since they are the professionals, if you have questions you can contact the Hill township supervisor ( please copy your correspondence to  There was discussion about how to best get feedback from folks in the SAD about their satisfaction with weed control. We created a weed management sub-committee consisting of the following members to figure out where we will possibly go and what we would use after Savin’s contract is up in 2022.  The members of the new Weed Management Sub Committee are:  Erik McGregor, Patti Rogers, Brian Hassell, Erik Schlaupitz, Debbie Peterman.
  • Wildlife – Beth Stump was not available so Patti responded, there is one family of loons with 2 chicks and a second nesting by Chad’s Island. Another volunteer came forward to help Beth and that is Nancy Howald.  Thank you Nancy!
  • Fisheries Committee – Chris Lyttle reported that they had their first fisheries meeting on June 13th. The minutes of that meeting will be posted to the website.  They had a few ideas moving forward, one being a fish stocking program (perch-different species, wild bluegill, fathead minnow), set up a fishing tournament for rough fish (more info to follow on that), habitat management for fish (manmade or natural products), and a communication director to deal with DNR and that is Erik McGregor so we don’t have a bunch of people inundating the DNR.  The members of that committee are:  Brian Hassel, Chris Lyttle, Erik McGregor, Chris Hoelscher, Scott Richardson, Kevin Kissel, Kyle Frick, Ben Petrous, James Secord, Betsy Miner-Swartz, Ron Carpenter and Ken Carpenter.  The next meeting will be Saturday, July 11th @ 4 pm @ Patti Roger’s pole barn.
  • Group Buy In – Forward’s has offered SLA members a propane discount. $1.39 per gallon.  .10 off if you own your own tank.

New Business

  • Membership meetings for July and August will be held by Zoom.
  • Audit Team to look over Treasurer’s books is Avery Sinkoff
  • Patti will keep adding more stuff to website. For example, Fishing Subcommittee Meeting Minutes, 2020 Sage Lake Management Plan by Savin, 2020 SLA Budget, and Scholarship application with July 1st cutoff date.
  • Board of Directors has decided that the money in the Fish Fund can be used for fish maintenance or stocking.

Meeting adjourned:   11:15 am motion made by Mary Ellen Parrott and 2nd by Sharon Green.

Respectfully submitted Sharon Green


May 2020 meeting minutes


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