Minutes from the Last Meeting

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Sage Lake Association Meeting
Sage Lake, Michigan

Hill Township Hall

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marvin Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Interim Secretary Sharon Green, Trustee Ron Carpenter.
Absent:  Trustee Betsy Miner Swartz & Trustee Randy Stump

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on July 27, 2019 at 10:02 am; 39 people in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from 6-22-2019 were sent by email or posted on website.  Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from Faye Gainer, 2nd by Betsey Hubbard.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Secretary Mary Ellen Parrott gave the treasurers report.  The Treasury report as of 7-25-2019 was $6,077.90 Fish Fund, $1,971.43 Neighborhood Watch, $20,928.36 Fireworks Fund, $22,610.36 General Fund (of which $20,000 of the money market fund belongs to the fireworks), $51,588.05 Total.  A motion was made by Anne Carter to accept the report, 2nd by Debbie Holloway.  Motion passed.  Mary Ellen also reported that we have 198 members to date.

Reports from Committees:

  • High School Scholarships –  Nothing to report
  • Meet and Greet – Looking for a volunteer to host 2020’s meet and greet, you pick the date in June.
  • Boating Safety class – The June 29th class was well attended with 16.  SLA gave out plastic holding cases for their card.  Thinking they might schedule another one if the need is there.
  • Kids Fun Day – Mary Ellen reported that there were 80+ children and it cost $873.96.  Bikes were won by members or their guests.  Cruisin’s donated an ice cream cone to each child and they were real happy with how the event went.  She wanted to thank all the volunteers for helping that day.  Mary Ellen also reported that Sharon Green will be chairing this event starting next year.
  • Fishing Tournament – Ron Carpenter reported we had 20 people participate.  An 11 year old won biggest fish and received $50.  He declined the fishing pole donated by M65 Bait and Tackle.  SLA will use for next year’s fishing tournament.  There were bluegills, pike and bass day by all.  Next year’s event is scheduled for July 11th.
  • 6th Annual Sage Lake Firecracker 5K walk/run – Betsy Miner-Swartz was absent so Patti Rogers reported that we had the 3rd highest number of race registrations since race began in 2014.  Largest crowd of spectators ever, record sponsorship with $4,150.00.  We cleared $9,060.00 from 5K raffle and registration.  At this point we have $7860.00 revenue from shirt sales.  Next year’s run/walk is Saturday July 4th.  You are still able to purchase gear at Crusin’s.
  • Sage Lake Boat Parade – Patti Rogers reported that we had 10 boats registered, one participated but did not register.  Ten of the eleven boats completed the route.  1st place was Lion King $100 and that boat was Mary Ellen Parrott’s family boat, 2nd place was Moana received $75 and it was Laura Mueller’s family boat from the Middle Island and 3rd place was Little Mermaid and this was Melanie Leix family boat.  All boats were very creative!  There were 3 Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Kingdom, 101 Dalmatian’s, Finding Dora and Cinderella.  157 Sage Lakers voted.  Twice as many people voted this year verses last year.  We are looking for ideas for next year’s theme.  Let Patti Rogers know by email any theme ideas.  We are going to establish the theme this year so people have time to plan for next year’s event.
  • Firework Show – IT WAS GREAT!  25 volunteers showed up the day following the firework show to help clean up.  Great participation and we thank all who helped.  Bill Parrott led up that cleanup and it was done in less than ½ hour.
  • Sage Lake Community garage sale – is August 3rd.  Ads are already in five papers. FB will have posts and signs will be placed at the end of streets.  Porta potty available at 683 Second.  If you want maps, contact Patti Rogers.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Tom Unangst was not in attendance and had nothing to report.
  • Lake Maintenance –The Lake Maintenance report was written by Savin Lake Services and has been posted on the Sage Lake Website ( for your review.  If you have any questions, please contact the Savin Company.  Next treatment is scheduled for July 30th and weed harvesting will start August 7-12th.
  • Wildlife – Beth Stump was not in attendance but sent in a report.  She has checked with the USDA person and he said our petition has expired for goose roundup.  A new application is needed along with 70% of the lakefront owners to sign supporting the roundup.  We would need a committee and volunteers to get signatures.  If anyone has questions you can email Beth Stump at  Beth will be at the August meeting.  Patti asked for volunteers and/or a committee and no one volunteered.
  • Volunteers Appreciation Party – August 24th from 4-8 pm at Patti Roger’s house.  All volunteers of any Sage Lake event and sponsors are invited to join in.  Dinner and refreshments will be provided.
  • Fish stocking – Brian Hassel reported and had some preliminary findings from the Fisheries Biologist.  They will be posted on the website but please remember these are preliminary findings.  Brian said they told him there was no tagging of fish and they did not find dead fish in the nets while they were working.  In August next year they will do another survey (Limnology) and they will come up with their recommendations around March or April 2020.  Thanks for your time on this Brian.
  • Sage Lake Fire & Ice Festival – Nothing to report.
  • By-laws – Avery, Wendy and Marv reported and read the bylaw changes.  Thank you to Avery, Wendy & Marv for their time.  The proposed by-laws were discussed and will be voted on at the next meeting.  No changes will be allowed to bylaws at the meeting.

New Business

  • Nominations for Board positions were being accepted by Bill DranginThe vote will be at the August meeting and the nominations are closed as required by by-laws.  Absenteeism ballots will be sent by email.
  • Our By-laws state that each meeting must be the last Saturday of the month.  However, next year we have Kid’s Fun Day and Boating Safety Class on June 27th.  Patti would like to make a change to the meeting date for next year to June 20, 2020.  Bill Drangin made a motion and Kathleen Creager 2nd.  Motion passed.
  • The DNR has a Grant Program for Invasive Aquatic Species.  Our Eurasian Milfoil and Curly Pond Leaf are considered invasive plants.  One of our own Sage Lakers has offered to write the grant for us.  Her name is Calley Duffy.  If approved we would have to commit to 10% of the total project costs.  Savin Lake Services estimates $140,000 for Eurasian Milfoil and $7500 for Curly Pond Leaf.  I did inquire with Hill Township to see if the 10% could be taken from the Weed Tax Assessment.  He said no because it was not written in the original petition.  So looking for ideas of where the 10% should come from.  Suggestions were put a box at DNR landing for people to donate and the other was to take the monies from the general fund if we get accepted for the grant.  There was much discussion about this.

Meeting adjourned:   11:30 am motion made by Kathleen Creager and 2nd by Pat Clark.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Green


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