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Sage Lake Association Meeting

Sage Lake, Michigan


In Person and Zoom Video Conference

Board members present:  President Patti Rogers, Vice President Marv Bartal, Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott, Secretary Sharon Green, Trustees Brian Hassell, Betsy Miner-Swartz and Randy Stump.

The meeting was called to order by President, Patti Rogers on May 28, 2022 at 10:00 am; 42 people in attendance and 2 on Zoom.

Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from August 28, 2021 were sent by email and posted on website.  Discussion none. A motion was made to accept from Beth Stump, 2nd by Doug Meyers.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Mary Ellen Parrott reported.  The treasurer’s report as of 5/1/22 was $22,249.71 Fish Fund, $4,148.89 Neighborhood Watch, $28,092.30 Fireworks Fund, $21,257.13 General Fund, $75,748.09 Total. Mary Ellen reported that we have 124 members to date.  There were a lot of donations being made to the other categories so would like to say thank you to all for contributing.  A motion was made to accept treasurer’s report by Debbie Holloway and 2nd by Kim Davis.  Motion passed.

Reports from Committees:

  • Scholarship – Two $500 scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors. SLA received 7 applications.  Ogemaw Heights High School senior Bryce Zettel was selected for one of the scholarships.  Bryce will be attending Alpena Community College taking classes in the Utility Tech program.  He plans to work for Consumers Power as a lineman.  Hale High School senior Abigail Parkenson was selected for the other scholarship.  Abigail is planning to attend Adrian College and pursue a career in athletic training.  This is the 4th year Sage Lake Association has given scholarships.  Pat Clark moved last year, and Wendy Bartal is moving this year, so we have 2 new committee members who have stepped up to be on the Scholarship committee.  It consists of 5 members in total.  We added Cynthia Johnson and Ken Ehlen this year to that committee.
  • Neighborhood Watch – The committee met on May 21st at the Hill Township hall. We have 10 patrol team members.  Sheriff Brian Gilbert also attended the meeting.  During the fall and winter, we had two incidents that were reported to the NW leader.  One pontoon boat on Sages Drive had the lock worked over and a shed on Schemp Road was broken into and had some equipment stolen.  Both happened in the fall.  Nothing was reported in the winter.  SLA would like to thank the patrol for being out there as it is working well.  SLA is always looking for new members to be on the patrol so if you or someone you know has an interest, please let us know.
  • Meet & Greet – will be scheduled at Laurie & Doug Dinnebeil’s house at 762 Crammond. The date has not been confirmed yet but will keep all informed once that is set.  Each attendee brings a favorite wine, choice of drink or appetizer to share and it gives folks an opportunity to meet their neighbors.  Update:  Meet and Greet is scheduled for Saturday, June 25 from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Rough Fish Tournament – Chris Hoelscher reported. There is a rough fish tournament scheduled for June 10-12th.  This is an opportunity to clean out the rough fish from the lake like bowfin, carp, & bullheads.  This year we have larger payouts for the fishermen and quite a few raffle packages with raffle tickets on sale those days.  Chris mentioned that we have the QR codes on a waterproof sticker that can stick on your boat or tackle box to get a digital survey done.  He handed them out to members present and will have them available at the tournaments, please take the time to register your fish that are caught as this data will help the biologists make some decisions on fish stocking & habitats.  The survey can be reached through the QR code or the link on the SLA website fishing page (  NOTE the survey is not specific to the rough fish tournament; please use it for any fishing on the lake.
  • Fish Stocking – Chris Hoelscher also reported. He gave out a handout about walleye and talked about that handout.  We do have a walleye population in the lake and if we could make Sage Lake a walleye lake by adding habitat and other improvements it will put us in a better place for walleye.  The fish stocking has helped with that.  We have a great relationship right now with EGLE and the biologist that we are working with.  On the handout he also showed the group that there is a 5-year vision for the lake.  He said the SLA and the fishing committee have been working together to help get this 5-year plan funded.  He gave a shoutout to all the people who have already donated and asked that the donations keep coming as it is an expensive endeavor but with all working on it, we will get the lake to be great for all to enjoy.  There were many questions asked and Chris gave the answers the best he knew.  He mentioned that there will be more information on habitat restoration and another tournament at the June meeting.  Gave information about the Northern Pike limit – keep 5 but only 1 can be over 25 inches.
  • Ice Out Survey – Chris H. reported that we couldn’t get a good reading so next winter another survey will take place. We were hoping for more information, but we did find out that we have a big bullhead problem.  More info to follow at June meeting.
  • Hill Township Spring Clean-up Day – It is scheduled for June 18th from 9-noon.
  • 9th Annual Sage Lake Firecracker 5K walk/run – Betsy Miner-Swartz reported that we had 60 people to date signed up, pretty normal for this time. Registration is open and we have a ½ mile sprint for the kids this year and they will get medals and bibs.  She asked for donations of raffle prizes and/or funds to get them from the membership.  To date we have sponsorships of $6200 which is amazing!
  • Sage Lake Gear and Raffle – Betsy Miner-Swartz reported that we are ahead of schedule even in spite of the supply chain issues. We have crew neck sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and stickers, and the fishing committee will have license plate frames which go directly to the fish fund.  There will be 2 new designs this year!
  • Boat Parade – Parade will be on Saturday, July 2nd @ 7:00 pm at the DNR boat launch and the theme is Decades. Register at, registration is free.  You will be assigned a number to put on your boat.  Participants will meet at the DNR boat launch and follow the others around the lake.  The participating boats will be judged, and prize money will be awarded to the best three decorated boats.  First place will be awarded $100, second place $75 and third place $50.  All viewers can vote for their favorite boat by using SurveyMonkey.  The ballot won’t be available until the parade starts.  The winners will be announced on the following day.  Please no water balloons or you could lose your prize money.  This is fun for participants and people on the lake.
  • Sage Lake Firework Display – this is scheduled for Saturday, July 2nd at 10:15 pm. Wolverine Fireworks Display Co. does a great job, and the display is shot from the Aukers’ property.  Lots of boats collect in the center of the lake near middle island to view it.  The day after the fireworks, volunteers are needed to help with clean up at 10 am.  If you can help clean up the Auker property, please show up at 431 N. Gentry by 10 am.  Tony Stockton heads this up and it is usually done in 30 minutes.
  • Kids Fun Day – It is planned for July 9th from 12-3 pm. Sharon Green is heading this up so if you have any young adults who would like to help for NHS hours or anything like that, she could use all the help she can get.  There will be new games and prizes so please bring out your children and grandchildren to have a fun filled day.  The event is held every year on the Cruisins property.  Thank you to Vicky and Mark for your generosity.
  • Boating Safety – this is also scheduled for July 9th from 9 am to 3 pm at the Hill Township Hall. Lunch is provided to those who attend.  Registration is free, please register at  We had great attendance last year.  Boating safety certificate is required for operating personal watercraft for anyone born in 1979 or later; required for operating a boat for anyone born on or after July 1, 1996. You need to be age 12 or older to take the class, and ages 12-18 years old need to have a parent/guardian to be there the whole time.
  • Sage Lake Annual Fishing Tournament – it is scheduled for July 23rd at 8 am. Details will follow as Ron Carpenter usually runs that for us.
  • Sage Lake Community Garage Sale – scheduled for August 6th from 9 am to 4 pm. Participants can choose to add longer hours and more days to their own sales.  To be included on the official map, please email Betsy Miner-Swartz ( your address, please include whether you are in Lupton or Hale, days and hours of your sale and put Sage Lake Community Garage Sale in the subject line.  Maps will be distributed at Crusins and Lovewells.  Pick up copies of maps to distribute at your own sale at 683 Second Ave. on Thursday, August 5th.  A porta john will be available at 683 Second Ave. for shoppers.  Community garage sale signs will be placed around the lake and the sale will be announced in local newspapers and on Facebook.  The sales have been very successful in the past with lots of shoppers!
  • Lake Maintenance – Brian Hassell reported. PLM has been with us for 2 years now.  We have seen improvements such as they don’t use copper sulfate, which is detrimental to the fish population, when they do the treatments it is surveyed for about 3 hours to see which areas need it most, 1 day in advance they put a yard sign with dates in your yard, we have seen the Eurasian Milfoil go from 270-280 acres in the past to now it is down to about 65 acres.  That is the lowest we have seen in years.  Special assessment will help with the weeds.  The wild celery weed is being pulled out by the roots by the wake boats and that makes them grow which causes islands.  PLM is limited for the treatment of celery, because it is a native plant established by EGLE and they do not allow any treatment to kill the plant.  They will continue to use harvesters to just pull out the islands.  Patti Rogers will see what the cost of getting extra collections is and report at the next meeting.  Another suggestion from the audience was to watch the brands of fertilizers you are putting on to make sure they are the correct kind to keep the weeds out of the lake and do not use a Phosphorus fertilizer.
  • Sage Lake Special Assessment District (SAD) – This is a tax assessment to control and/or eradicate nuisance and invasive aquatic plants and algae in Sage Lake. The current petition expires in December 2022.  We need 50% of the parcel owners to sign and return the petition for it to pass.  We currently have about 800 parcels and have 305 signed petitions and we need 400.  Once we have 50%, Hill Township will hold two public hearings and request bids from potential service providers.  Each of the providers will be able to have a meeting at Hill Township and then Hill Township will pick the provider.  If you have the petition, please sign and return it.


 New Business

 2022 is an election year for Sage Lake Association Board.  Bill Drangin will be the chair of the Nomination committee.  If anyone would like to make a nomination for a person to hold one of the board positions, please let Bill know.

  • Avery Sinkoff reminded all about the fire extinguishers that are expiring. Kidde has a recall on them.  To get a new fire extinguisher for your expired one, just go on their website.

50/50 Raffle winner was Norm Bartal who won $41.00 Congrats to him!

Meeting adjourned:   11:20 am

Respectfully submitted Sharon Green

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