Sage Lake Association Neighborhood Watch Program

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In 2012, the Sage Lake Association established a Neighborhood Watch program.  The initial funding for this program came from a $2,500 grant from Hill Township and generous donations from our Sage Lake Association members.  The program relies on volunteers for patrolling, along with education and training from law enforcement.

The chief aims of a Neighborhood Watch Program are to report suspicious activity, reduce crime, and increase neighborhood safety.  While having a NW is not a guarantee of crime reduction, studies show neighborhoods with NW programs experience an average of  a 16 percent crime reduction on the protection of NW program.  Listed below are some benefits:

  • Greater unity within neighborhoods.
  • Improved relations with law enforcement. We are the eyes and ears of the community.
  • Establish a zone where criminals fear the risk of being caught is too high for them to practice their profession.
  • Provide training to residents to better secure their assets.
  • Established method to communicate suspicious or emergency activity to watch group (either email or phone tree) and/or law enforcement.
  • Regular communication to the Sage Lake Association members (newsletters, meetings and email)
  • Establish a visual presence with the use of NW road signs and NW magnetic vehicle signs.
  • Gives community greater sense of security.

In addition, many of the Neighborhood Watch volunteers provide road safety during Sage Lake Association special events like our Firecracker 5k event or Kids’ Fun Day.

At a May 2022 Neighborhood Watch meeting, Sheriff Gilbert stated placing Neighborhood Watch signs in the community can help deter criminals.  We will give to a sign to any member who wants to post on their property.  Send email to if you want a sign.  These signs are free to SLA members.

If you would be interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch Team or learning more about it, please contact Patti Rogers at or call/text (586)899-8739.


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